As Mums, we have realised the critical importance of the role of a Teaching Assistant in the development of our children. We want to support TA’s across the region to grow, develop and thrive in their roles, whilst providing exceptional support to teachers and students alike. 

The aim of the programme is to help develop skills, knowledge and understanding of the curriculum, learning and teaching for TA’s across all levels. We aim to support positive change and growth within the Education sector. 

We provide a wide range of
Teacher Assistant programmes.


We offer a two-module course which highlights the key aspects of the TA role and how to support children within the curriculum.

Module 1 focuses on supporting Teaching Assistants within all aspects of the role.

Module 2 focuses on understanding the curriculum and the role of a TA in supporting children throughout the school.

We also offer bespoke programmes upon the request of the school. 

The Course


7. - Do you deliver online training?

6. - Do you deliver training out with the UAE?

5. - Do you focus on 1 curriculum?

4. - Can we split the training time?

3. - Is there a maximum number of participants?

We can tailor the program to what the client would like.

For example if you would like to focus on curriculum we can deliver module 2, if you would like a certain aspect of the curriculum like literacy and numeracy we can just deliver these areas.  

2. - Do we need to do the full course or can we pick sections?
1. - How much does the course cost?



In addition, we partner with schools to provide professional development plans for Teaching Assistants which can be linked to the development programmes and performance management.

We also have the option of Life Coaching sessions as an additional service, which can be used to support both TA and Teacher career growth.

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Our development programmes are delivered by Emma Downie, a Scottish qualified teacher, who has experience in the UK, Egypt and the UAE.

Emma is an incredibly passionate teacher and leader who has a wealth of experience and knowledge across multiple curricula and year levels.

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