At Ki Global, we are dedicated to fostering growth and development within organizations through our comprehensive range of services. Specializing in people management (HR and L&D), our expertise spans multiple industries to ensure that your team is equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to excel. Here’s a closer look at the services we offer.

Professional Development & Organizational Growth


Our Training Design service is tailored to create customized learning experiences that meet the unique needs of your organization. We work closely with you to understand your objectives and develop engaging, effective training programs. Our approach ensures that each training session is relevant, interactive, and impactful, empowering your employees to apply new skills and knowledge in their roles.

Training Design

Ki Global offers a diverse array of Training Programmes designed to address various competencies across multiple industries. From leadership development to technical skills enhancement, our programs are structured to provide comprehensive learning opportunities. Each programme is facilitated by experienced trainers who bring real-world insights and practical expertise, ensuring that participants gain valuable knowledge and skills that can be immediately applied in their work environment.

Training Programmes

Evaluation Programmes

Our Evaluation Programmes are designed to measure the effectiveness and impact of training initiatives. We utilize robust evaluation methods to assess learning outcomes, participant engagement, and overall program success. By providing detailed feedback and actionable insights, we help you understand the return on investment of your training efforts and identify areas for continuous improvement.

HR and L&D Consultancy

Ki Global’s HR and Learning & Development (L&D) Consultancy services offer strategic support to enhance your organizational capabilities. Our consultants bring extensive experience in human resources and learning and development across various industries, providing expert guidance on talent management, succession planning, performance management, and more. We collaborate with you to develop and implement strategies that align with your business goals and drive organizational success.

The programmes can be tailor made for each client based on requirements. We have a team of qualified and committed trainers and consultants who would be available to meet these needs.

Ki Global’s Executive Director, Lauren Brennan, is a passionate and dedicated people professional who places huge value on upskilling and developing HR and L&D professionals.

Our team have a wealth of knowledge and experience to be able to provide support across a range of sectors and regions. 


becky. dubai / uk

I attended a training session with Lauren and was so impressed by her innovation and motivation for her company that I engaged her services. I was not disappointed as her work ethic is second to none and her professionalism surpassed expectations.

So Impressed With Lauren's Innovation!

I was a student of Lauren’s and after finishing my course I was having some difficulties at my workplace. Getting Lauren’s help with this was the best thing I ever did as she guided me through the HR procedures and how to approach the problem. Thanks to her my problem is now resolved.

The BEST Thing I Ever Did.

catherine. dubai, uae

When I was starting up my new business Lauren was so helpful. She was patient, understanding and most of all so knowledgeable regarding processes. Couldn’t have done it without her.

Couldn't Have Done It Without Lauren.

lynn. scotkand, uk

Lauren was my tutor for the CIPD Level 7 program. Her exceptional knowledge, engaging teaching style, and passion for HR had a profound impact on my learning experience. Her classes were informative, thought-provoking, and motivated us to explore HR beyond the classroom.

A Tutor Who Transforms Learning Experiences

Disha Jana. Dubai, UAE

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